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Greetings from Chairman

Kiyoshi Kurokawa

Chairman Kiyoshi Kurokawa

This year marks the tenth anniversary of our Institute’s foundation. In the years since our establishment, there has been a dramatic transformation in the circumstances relating to health policy, with increasing public participation in the policymaking process, deteriorating public finances, and a change of government among many other political upheavals. In advanced nations, against a background of aging societies, rising rates of chronic disease, widening social disparities, and worsening financial conditions, new social frameworks need designing and implementing to create sustainable societies where each individual can live a healthier life. Moreover, in emerging countries, disease structures are changing, and long-term efforts to combat infectious disease must be expanded to include measures against chronic disease. Thus, to resolve common problems now shared across borders, it has become more important than ever to bring together a broad diversity of domestic and international stakeholders to debate the issues and seek solutions, and to develop global activities drawing on cross-sector collaboration.

In consideration of this evolving health policy environment, and as healthcare develops and expands from traditional frameworks, our Institute intends to expand on its efforts to date by developing activities with a greater potential for impact on global society. Accordingly, as of February 1, 2011, the Institute will change its English name from “Health Policy Institute, Japan” to “Health and Global Policy Institute” and redefine its mission and vision to better reflect this increased global focus.

To tackle the challenges in global health and healthcare, what is required is responsible decision-making based on open discussion among wide-ranging domestic and international stakeholders. Our intention at HGPI is to bring these people together and work alongside them, presenting health and healthcare policy options and aiming at realization of a healthy, prosperous, and sustainable society.

We ask for your understanding of our aims and activities, and welcome your participation in the symposiums, seminars, and other events we organize in the months and years ahead. Through deep discussion with all involved, and from a broad perspective fixed firmly on a sustainable future, we want to offer practical and achievable solutions for a healthy society.


Health and Global Policy Institute. Chairman Kiyoshi Kurokawa