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Greetings from Chairman

Kiyoshi Kurokawa

Chairman Kiyoshi Kurokawa

Message from the Chairman

Standing Up To Global Scale Health & Healthcare Challenges

We originally launched this organization to address the need for an independent think tank, however small, to reflect the voices of ordinary people in health policy. Over the past years, with multi-stakeholder activity at the core, we have continued to provide forums for various stakeholders to extensively discuss issues. In this way, I believe we have had some success in impacting on society.

Alongside multi-stakeholder involvement, a global perspective has been one of our commitments from the very beginning. Information has always been disseminated in both English and Japanese, and we often collaborate with global think tanks. In recent years, adapting social systems to support healthy and sustainable societies has become a pressing issue as almost every major country is facing an aging society, increasing prevalence of chronic disease, widening disparities, and economic challenges. Believing that increased global activity is essential to address issues shared across borders, we changed our English name to “Health and Global Policy Institute” in February 2011 to reflect that enhanced perspective.

Among numerous domestic organizations, we have acquired a strong track record of results, and through cooperation and exchange with a variety of organizations in other countries, I am confident we are now making a successful effort to exert leadership in the international community as well.

Health and Global Policy Institute will continue to cooperate with stakeholders far and wide to present effective health policy choices for Japan and to work toward addressing today's global health issues.


Health and Global Policy Institute. Chairman Kiyoshi Kurokawa