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Our Mission / Guiding Principles


( Our Institute’s mission and guiding principles have been changed as of February 1st, 2011 )

Our mission is to improve the civic mind and individuals’ well-being, and to foster a sustainable healthy community by shaping ideas and values, reaching out to global needs, and catalyzing society for impact.
We commit to activities that bring together relevant players in different fields, in order to provide innovative and practical solutions, and to help interested citizens understand choices and benefits in a global, broader, and long-term perspective.



We promote a Global Citizen Nation by building a society for people with various backgrounds and different values. We aim to achieve a sustainable, healthy, and more prosperous world.


Guiding Principles

Guiding Principles


Neutrality of HGPI

Since establishment, Health and Global Policy Institute has been working to help citizens shape health policies by generating policy options, and to bring stakeholders together as a non-partisan think-tank, as is stipulated in the mission statement. One of the Institute’s guiding principles is independence, not to be restricted by interests of any organization or political party.The Institute will continue to maintain political neutrality and independence from any organization in conducting its activities.


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